Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At the crossroads -- The direction I took

When I held this hand, I passed 4. Partner, who held:

x x x 10 x J x x A J 10 x x x,

had taken a false preference to hearts (as he is supposed to do).

My right-hand opponent held four hearts (to the QJ) and four diamonds (to the 10) and when the deal was over, I made 5. Passing would have been right if partner held xx in both hearts and diamonds.

With his actual hand, you can make 7! with the spade lead. Win, play ace, king and another heart, ruffing in the dummy. Cash the club ace and discard your spade loser. Play a spade to your hand to ruff a second heart. Play the diamond jack, ruff back to your hand to pull trumps and claim. I'm not positive, but I don't believe LHO's diamond was big enough to uppercut the dummy.

I wonder if I should just blast to 6 over 4?

Maybe I need a map; the direction I took was wrong.

(spots approximate)

5 4 3
10 2
J 7 3
A J 10 8 6 5
Q J 10 9 7 5 />8 6
7 6Q J 9 5
510 8 6 4
K 7 4 2Q 9 3
A K 2
A K 8 4 3
A K Q 9 2

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