Thursday, April 24, 2014

I've branched out

Did you know I have opened a new restaurant (click to enlarge)? If you go, order the most expensive thing, but don't pay. When you are leaving (without paying) and they stop you, tell them you know me so no problem.

Is anybody else getting those annoying Amazon Local ads?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Snippets from the poker table

I played some poker this weekend at the Horseshoe Tunica. Friday, I met friends for dinner, then played poker. It was $1/3 nolimit and I basically broke even. Saturday, I played nolimit again (at first) and lost $110 before moving to the Omaha-8 game where I won that back and again broke even for the night. I was up a ton, before dribbling it back -- it's a high variance game, for sure. Omaha high-low is the one game I enjoy even if I lose.

This happened at my friend's table. He raised preflop (with a big pair) and was called by two others. Flop came 10-8-4 rainbow. My friend bet and got one caller. The turn was a 5 and the villain shoved for about $55 into a pot of about $105. My buddy asked him had he really called on the flop with a gut shot? The villain nodded yes, so my friend folded and the villain showed his 7-6 for the straight! Why would you even answer the question? I'm not sure why my friend believed him, but he saved $55.

Then this, also at my friend's table. The blind were $3/1, and a villain raised to $100. Everyone folded and he picked up $4 in blinds. There's no hand where this makes sense, but what do you think he had?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lightning strike

Playing in a sit-and-go today, I was all in with queens. When all the board cards were dealt, I had four of them -- quadzilla -- and Bovada made a nice lightning display in case I wasn't paying attention, lol. (No, not that lightning.) I wonder what happens if you get a Royal Flush? Would there be diamonds, whirling winds and dancing girls?

I'm heading to Las Vegas in June for 10 days. My plan is to play in the WSOP Seniors Event #17 as well as some local tournaments. LuckiDuck really is lucky. He won a free trip from his home game competition. I'll be there June 5 to June 15. Mr. Duck will be there later, so won't get to meet him this time.

Are any of you planning to go?

Monday, April 14, 2014


My buddy called me and told me about a $10K guaranteed tournament on Bovada Sunday. It had 15-minute levels and players started with 5,000 chips -- sounds like a good structure for a nitty old man.

There were 2208 others who must have had the same idea I had. We played for nearly 10 hours.

At the final table, I was all in twice with A-J versus A-rag and ended up splitting the pot. On one, the board was A-Q-10-10-x, and the other was something similar. Finally I ran Q-J into aces (see below). When you are short-stacked, stuff happens.