Thursday, June 22, 2017

And on the seventh day

On Wednesday, I took the day off -- even God rested on the seventh day. I also had to move from the time share where I was to the Golden Nugget downtown. My batteries still aren't recharged and I might take today off, too.

Last night I wandered Freemont Street (see pics below). When I went into the poker room, there was the famous Tony! I got some chips and joined his $1/2 no limit table. I've heard stories, but he was actually subdued and spent most of his time on his phone. He was dressed nicely and played tight poker. One hand, I opened for $10. There were three callers to Tony who shoved for about $115 or so and everybody folded. He showed his hand (jacks) and explained why he played it like that, something I would never do. These fish don't need educating -- keep them in the dark. Maybe he had an ulterior motive for showing, or maybe he just enjoys doing it.

I didn't introduce myself. Not sure if he knows who I am, and if he does, I didn't want him blabbing to the table about my WSOP cashes. Keep the fish in the dark, remember? Maybe I'll play tonight and get a photo of the two of us, why not?

If you go to Vegas, you must check out Freemont Street -- it's a federal law.

Even though I've heard him a hundred times, I still stop and listen to Carl "Safe sax" Ferris.

These guys (there were more than one) can take spray paint and make interesting art.

This lady really came on to me. I told her I'm focusing on poker this time, but catch me next trip. She was disappointed, but said she understood.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

But it's dry heat

I asked my phone what the temperature was today and Cortana said 118 F! Things were hot inside the Rio today at the WSOP, as well. The Super Seniors ended for me when I made a terrible bid. But the good news is I made a final table and cashed in 7th place, better than nothing.

The players were wonderful. Example: On a hand played Monday, I tricked a lady and got two extra big bets out of her. When I showed my hand, she just smiled and said nice hand. The players were polite, just beautiful people having fun. Were there bad players? Yes, absolutely, but there were plenty of good ones too. The final table had bracelet winners (one guy wore his, something I wouldn't do, would you?). I heard dealers say they asked to deal this event as it is fun.

A lady dealer is a fourth-grade teacher who deals in the summer for extra money. She says managing a poker table isn't too different than teaching fourth graders.

I got a tweet from The Grump wishing me good luck. I tweeted back admitting that I had folded 4-2 from under the gun. He tweeted back saying if I didn't win the bracelet, he knew why.

What else? I guess I want to say thanks to all who left comments here and on twitter. The support felt good.

You can find the results here.

There are 22 players left in the Super Seniors at the WSOP. I have a nice chip stack and high hopes for tomorrow.

Today was a rollercoaster. I made a bad play that cost a lot of chips, but was able to build back up. The big blind tomorrow will be 10,000/5,000 with 500 ante. I have a 572,00 chip stack.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Survive and advance

There were 1720 runners in the Super Seniors (WSOP), and 258 of us advanced to Day 2.

The ride was a rollercoaster. I lost a bunch of chips when I ran 10-10 into kings in sort of a cooler situation, but provided a cooler of my own near the end of play. A player raised to 2000 (where the blinds were 500/1000/100) from the low-jack and the Small Blind three-bet to 5500. I called with Q-Q and the first guy called. The flop was Q-8-7 and it checked around. The turn was another 8 giving me the full house, and the SB led out, called all around. He checked the river and I made a small bet, but both folded (SB showed A-K about what I thought).

Before the day started, I told the guy I came out here with, that I would like to bag 50,000 chips. Instead, I bagged 56,400 chips -- close enough. Good luck moi.

EDIT: Here's a link to see all the geez..., er, all the Super Senior players chip counts.

You can check updates after play starts at 11:00 a.m. Pacific here.

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