Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saving good luck for WSOP

I played poker at Derby Lane Monday. There were 200 players who donated decided to ante up $210 dollars to enter. They allowed reentries, so that's not a discrete number. One guy busted from our table and five minutes later showed up again. Usually, the tournament officials make an effort to bring a busted player back in at different table, but whatever.

On a board of Q-10-9-x, a player bet and a second went all in. The first player folded and the second player won the pot and showed 2 2.

"That's okay, I'll bust you yet," the first player said. "Players like you can't wait to give me their chips." Some other stuff was said that I don't remember. Why, folks? The other guy bluffed you off your hand, why not tell him good bet and move on. Why get your ego so involved?

I lost two-thirds of my stack when the villain hit a four-outer on the river. Stuff happens. Did I berate him? Of course not, that's poker. I was glad to get my money in as such a huge favorite. Bad luck, of course, but I'm saving my good luck for Lost Vegas.

My bust out hand: When I was down to 11 big blinds, I moved all in from the cut-off with A Q. The big blind decided to call with 3 3. The flop was A-K-K which was good for me. The turn was the 3 which wasn't. The river was a brick and I was out. Not a bad beat, of course, but was a crummy way to lose.

Viva Las Vegas.

Above: Handlers lead the racing dogs out to the track.

Above: And they are off!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Need help with a problem

I need help with a problem I'm having. I went to the Tampa Rays/Oakland A's game last night, and it happened again! Chicks just swarm over me like bees are attracted to honey. See photo above. Has anybody else had this problem and what did you do about it?

The Rays won the game to improve to 24-19 and first place in the American League East. Can you believe it? All the ex-spurts picked them to finish last. Do I think they can keep it up. Um, well, no, but stranger things have happened. As they say: "Rays Up."

There are only 20 days until I arrive in Lost Vegas for the WSOP. Getting stoked. If you click on the above photo to enlarge, you might notice I'm holding the book Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time: Volume 1. I went to the game an hour early to avoid the crowds/traffic (crowds at a Tampa Bay Rays' game?), so took some reading material. I've read this series before, but am doing so again. The books are excellent. (See here.)

Heading to Derby Lane Monday. It's Memorial Day and they are holding a special poker tournament in which $50 of our entry fee will be donated to a wounded-warriors fund of some sort.

Above: The Oakland mascot is named Stomper.

Above: The Tampa mascot is called Raymond.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Is Bridge World magazine in trouble?

Above is a letter I received today. Click to enlarge.

The Bridge World magazine has long been THE magazine for serious bridge players. There are other magazines such as the Bridge Bulletin published by the ACBL. It has to be all things to a wide variety of players, so is not nearly as valuable for expert and near-expert players.

I've subscribed to the Bridge World since back in the Seventies, so it was disturbing to get the letter shown above. Yes, I paid a big fee to get a life-time subscription. Now they write and say they are in serious trouble and come right out and ask me to forego the LT subscription and agree to pay on a yearly basis. Folks, if they are in financial trouble, I'm truly sorry. But sending more money to bail them out is not ever going to happen.

Have any of you bridge players received the same letter? What are your thoughts?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A big starting stack works for me

Above: Derby Lane is a dog track that also has a great poker room. It's located in St. Petersburg FL.

I was looking at the Derby Lane poker schedule (see here) and noticed there was a Second Sunday Superstack today. It had a $350 buyin, offered 30-minute levels and 20K starting chip stacks -- tasty.

The attendance was lousy for some reason. Maybe it was that thing called Mother's Day, and the players wanted to take mom out for Sunday Dinner? The structure was good, however, and I was able to play nitty old man style conservatively until other players wanted to give me their chips.

Twice I raised with suited A-K and was shoved on. Twice I shrugged my shoulders and called, and twice I was shown A-Q, the so-called "Hand of the Devil." Basically, I just chipped up or played to conserve my stack other than these two hands.

When there were four of us, a chop was suggested. (I had the second-most chips.) The short-stack agreed to give the big stack $400 and me $100 from his share. I collected $2325 and we called it a tournament.

At Derby Lane, they have some funny rules. Even though we had agreed on the chop, the Tournament Director had us all go all-in in the blind to determine a winner. He came and gave us the payouts. Then we went to another table and divided it according to our agreement. In a casino, they will facilitate the chop, but it works differently there.

I'm getting excited about the WSOP -- leaving in 31 days.