Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Fall North American Bridge Championship begins Thursday evening in Providence RI. I am going for one week and have plans to play in two events: the Nail Life Master Open Pairs (Friday and Saturday) and the Senior Mixed Pairs (next Wednesday and Thursday). My partner is Sandy McCay, who plays online as arenita at BBO. We've been practicing, so let's hope that pays off.

In between the two events, I will be a tourist. Not sure what's on tap, but I play to see and do it. There is a bad snow and ice storm in the Northeast U.S. Let's hope it clears out by Monday, my first day of sightseeing.

You can keep up with results at the ACBL web site.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More adventures in Florida

Florida is an amazing place. The tree shown above is in my front yard. Can you tell what kind it is? It's an avocado tree and they are in season now (click to enlarge, escape to return).

There's nothing better than watching the NFL on Sunday except watching the games with guacamole, yum.

The guy across the street has a gizmo he uses to pick the avacados. They just fall off the tree, however, and I just wait, then pick them up. Generally I let them sit out for a few days to ripen, then put them in the fridge. Maybe you can tell from the photo above, they are like the ones in the store, but twice as big (that's a quarter for reference).

You don't peel the avocados, but rather cut them in half, remove the pit, score them, then scoop out the meat.

Guacamole can be made with lots of different stuff. Above shows what I added.

Take the above mixture and add all the goodies, take a fork and mash and mix. I like mine chunky, but you can blend it until smooth -- it's up to you. Then cover and put in the fridge. The flavors will blend making it yummy. When the games start, use as a dip with tortilla chips.

I watch carbs. Avacados are excellent in that regard. It's considered one of natures most healthful foods (see here). Read more about avacados here.

Do you like avacados? Do you have a favorite guacamole recipe?

Images taken with my point-and-shoot.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

No luck today at the poker tournament at the Horseshoe Tunica Casino. The crowds were large again, more than 200 in the afternoon, and a decent turnout in the evening.

In the first session, I was short-stacked and shoved with A Q and ran into aces. I played again in the evening and busted out with K-K versus J-J all in on a low-card flop. The turn was a jack eliminating me.

I did meet and play at the same table with blogger Jusdealem. It was great to see her, as usual, and we spent some time catching up on one of the breaks. She outlasted me, but also busted just short of qualifying for Sunday's final. You need some luck as well as skill obviously.
There were 177 players show up for the tournament today at the Horseshoe Tunica. The plan called for play through Level 12 (half-hour levels), and all who remained standing would advance to Sunday. There will be two more flights on Saturday -- one at 11 a.m. and another at 6 p.m. Same deal for them -- play through Level 12.

I lasted until half-way through Level 10 when there were 30 of the original 177 runners left. I didn't really have any great hands or bad beats. Just mostly never won a pot until I had less than 10 big blinds and shoved with A 4. A player behind me woke up with queens and that was that when I didn't improve.

I'm going to try once more tomorrow. With the big turnout, the prize pool will be delicious.