Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Super Seniors over for me, but a blogger still in

Above: You'd be smiling too, if you were in this blogger's shoes.

I finished 203rd in the Super Seniors for a small cash. Things just didn't go well today. I lost chips with Q-Q vs. A-K. I lost chips with other decent hands, but that's how it goes in tournament poker, as we all know. My busto hand: I shoved with about 10 big blinds with 8-8. This was called in two place by Q-Q and A-A. The aces held and I was headed to the pay-out line. Typical stuff.

The great news is that the Super Seniors is down to 43 players, and blogger LuckiDuck is still alive! (See photo above.) You can follow the action here. Let's root him home.

Above: The shot clock shortly after I busted.

UPDATE: LuckiDuck was eliminated Tuesday in 24th place. The deal that crippled his: LD had K-K vs. A-9 all in pre. An ace on the river was unkind. You can see more results here.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Above: Final table setup at WSOP -- maybe me on Tuesday? And why not?

After a misstep, I managed to get my act together and advance in the Super Seniors at the WSOP. My first entry was down the drain when my AQ suited lost to A7 suited, all in pre-flop. A 7 on the river wasn't what I wanted. When you start with only 5,000 chips there's no room for accidents like this.

Usually, I don't re-enter figuring it's not my day, but I just did't want it to end like that, so I tried again. This time it worked better. Bagged 50,200 chips where the big blind is about to go to 1,000, so in good shape. You can see all the results so far here.

I was please to meet fellow blogger LuckiDuck, and even more please to see that he bagged 65,000 chips! Nice. We've agreed to meet again at the final table, so let's do it.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Well, that was short and quick

I busted out early in the WSOP Seniors. My stack had dribbled down and I ended up three-bet shoving against three villains. One called and I was on the wrong end of A-K vs. 10-10.

Sunday is the Super Seniors (age 60 or older), so I have the rest of Friday and Saturday to lick my wounds.

First two photos taken with my point-and-shoot, the last with my phone.

Let's get the cards in the air

Above: The Rio Hotel All-Suites Casino is the venue for the 2018 WSOP.

I've been walking four miles a day as an exercise program. You might think walking four miles in the Florida sun would prepare me for the Las Vegas heat, but you would be wrong. I believe it was 111 F. today. That doesn't matter because I'll be inside playing poker most of the time, right?

Tomorrow (Friday is the Seniors Event for those of us who are 50 years or older. I managed to barely qualify, ha.

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Above: The Rio.

Above: WSOP sign.