Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New poker concept: check when you're ahead, bet when you're behind

Played this hand online tonight in a small stakes NL Hold 'em game. I held Q 10. Q/10 is a bad hand, but I limped in only because the table was playing passively and I was soooted.

Northcoast1 was in the small blind with 4 6.

Four players saw this flop: A 4 4. Northcoast1 had the best hand, but checked. ("If I bet, they will fold. I want to get cute here.")

I think Caro calls this fancy play syndrome. Just bet, if someone has an ace, they will play with you. If not, you aren't winning any money anyway. I'm just sayin'.

The turn was the J. Northcoast1 checked again. ("I have the best hand, but I don't want to bet yet. Am I cute or what?")

Yeah, you're cute all right.

The river was the K, and now Northcoast1 bet $1. ("I no longer have the best hand, so why not bet? Heee hawww.")

I raised to $2 and he called. ("Sure, why not? I'm probably beat, but I'm a donkey. Hee hawww. Donkeys have to give away their money, don't they?")


Hand #53846523-529 at Pleasant Beach (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 29/May/08 00:07:39

thundhor is at seat 0 with $21.54.
harrytrudangl is at seat 2 with $20.44.
Northcoast1 is at seat 3 with $9.82.
the-sandman is at seat 4 with $39.81.
azzholemike is at seat 5 with $24.50.
pokacoka is at seat 6 with $3.02.
Memphis-Mojo is at seat 8 with $9.16.
mad_dog_ag is at seat 9 with $71.07.
The button is at seat 2.

Northcoast1 posts the small blind of $.10.
the-sandman posts the big blind of $.25.

thundhor: -- --
harrytrudangl: -- --
Northcoast1: -- --
the-sandman: -- --
azzholemike: -- --
pokacoka: -- --
Memphis-Mojo: Th Qh
mad_dog_ag: -- --


azzholemike folds. pokacoka folds. Memphis-Mojo
calls. mad_dog_ag folds. thundhor folds.
harrytrudangl calls. Northcoast1 calls. the-sandman

Flop (board: As 4c 4h):

Northcoast1 checks. the-sandman checks.
Memphis-Mojo checks. harrytrudangl checks.

Turn (board: As 4c 4h Jc):

Northcoast1 checks. the-sandman checks.
Memphis-Mojo checks. harrytrudangl checks.

River (board: As 4c 4h Jc Kh):

Northcoast1 bets $1. the-sandman folds.
Memphis-Mojo raises to $2. harrytrudangl folds.
Northcoast1 calls.


Memphis-Mojo shows Th Qh.
Memphis-Mojo has Th Qh As Jc Kh: straight, ace high.
Northcoast1 mucks cards.
(Northcoast1 has 4d 6d.)

Hand #53846523-529 Summary:

$.20 is raked from a pot of $5.
Memphis-Mojo wins $4.80 with straight, ace high.

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