Sunday, June 1, 2008

Does Arsenio Hall play poker?

I am probably showing my age, but Arsenio Hall used to have his own night-time TV show. It was a talk show that competed with Leno. Arsenio appealed to young urban viewers, but some middle-aged white guys (like me) liked him too; the show was funny and edgier than its competition. Arsenio had a popular segment titled "Things that make you go hmmm." I can't remember an example, but I played in a poker tournament today and saw a hand that reminded me of this.

With the blinds at T50/100, a guy in late position limped in with A J. The guy behind him raised to T300 with A Q.

The flop came: A 6 2. The guy with AJ checked and the guy with AQ bet T300 which was called. The turn was the 6. The AJ checked, the AQ bet T400 (don't ask) which was called.

The river was the K. AJ checked and AQ bet T600 which was called. They both (now) had the same hand: AA66K and so the pot was chopped.

While the dealer was dividing the chips, AQ said, "After the king came, I figured it was a chop or you won."

Huh? Say what? He figured they were chopping or the other guy had him beat, so he bet on the river?


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