Sunday, June 8, 2008

The power of presto

In poker, pocket 5s are often called presto. This from Dan's poker glossary:

Presto: A nickname for pocket 5's (sic), usually in hold'em. This nickname comes from the internet newsgroup rec.gambling (now, and is sometimes used among the readership of that newsgroup to identify other members.

A blogger who plays online as Fuel55 and writes here, frequently shows hands where pocket 5s did well; he calls it "Presto is Gold."

I played in a cheap, online, rebuy donkament today on Ultimate Bet. At the final table, when we got down to three handed, another player and I were all in pre-flop, and I felt the power of presto. I thought pocket 10s might be worth playing -- foolish me.


Hand #54174585-58 at 1pmNLH TR-Final (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Started at 08/Jun/08 15:39:26

Realpain is at seat 1 with 280,200.
Memphis-Mojo is at seat 2 with 286,015.
lwg12 is at seat 5 with 438,785.
The button is at seat 2.

Realpain posts ante (3,000).
Memphis-Mojo posts ante (3,000).
lwg12 posts ante (3,000).
Realpain posts the small blind of 15,000.
Memphis-Mojo posts the big blind of 30,000.

Realpain: -- --
Memphis-Mojo: Tc Ts
lwg12: -- --


lwg12 folds. Realpain goes all-in for 277,200.
Memphis-Mojo calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

Realpain shows 5s 5c.
Memphis-Mojo shows Tc Ts.

Flop (board: Qs 6s 5d):

(no action in this round)

Turn (board: Qs 6s 5d 3c):

(no action in this round)

River (board: Qs 6s 5d 3c 3d):

(no action in this round)


Realpain has 5s 5c 5d 3c 3d: full house, fives full of threes.
Memphis-Mojo has Tc Ts Qs 3c 3d: two pair, tens and threes.

Hand #54174585-58 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Realpain wins 563,400 with full house, fives full of threes.

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