Friday, July 25, 2008

$60 billion? It's only money

Warren Buffett is a bridge player and he's here at the Las Vegas NABC. I interviewed him yesterday for the Daily Bulletin. He was nice to talk to, just a "regular guy," so to speak. Buffett was playing with world-class bridge player Sharon Osberg. I've known her for 15 years or so. Her ex-husband is named Dave Smith (not me, obviously) and I usually make a dumb joke about it when I see her.

Bill Gates is a bridge player and he's here too. You may have heard of him -- he's the Microsoft guy. Buffett said one of the reasons he came was to meet with Gates. They also plan to play bridge on the same team this weekend.

While I was interviewing Buffett, Gates was standing 10 feet away (with a bodyguard) waiting for us to finish. I thought to myself: I'm keeping Bill Gates waiting!

I called the piece I wrote "He's a bridge buff(ett)" -- cutesy, I know, but I couldn't resist. I thought the photo of Buffett and Osberg was terrific. You can see if you agree by clicking here.

Shifting gears, here is a photo of the (EDIT) Palazzo (Resort, Hotel and Casino) I took last Tuesday when I ate at a restaurant that was nearby.

The Palazzo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV.

The NABC has had lots of different entertainment. One of the things they did (which was not very popular, by the way) was a photo op with two show girls.

Here's an old guy copping a feel from the two showgirls. Look at him grinning.

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