Sunday, August 3, 2008

Double your pleasure

My partner found a double squeeze playing online bridge tonight. It was a partscore, only an overtrick and we were playing OKbridge IMPs. Therefore, it didn't gain much, but was still a cute deal (hands rotated):

K 6
K 7 2
K 9 8 6
A K 9 7
A 10 7 2 9 8 5
A J 6 5 Q
J 4 Q 10 7 3
J 10 2 Q 8 6 4 3
Q J 4 2
10 9 8 4 3
A 5 2

West North East South
Pass 1 Pass 1
Pass 1NT Pass 2
Pass 2 Pass 2
All Pass

We were playing a big club system and I was North. My 1 bid showed 16+ high-card points. Partner bid 1 which showed 0 to 8 HCPs. The 2 bid was Stayman and 2 was a signoff.

West led the J won by Kate with the ace. She advanced the 3 and played the king when West ducked. Next she played the K and West took his ace and played the ace and jack of trumps to prevent a spade ruff in dummy. He now exited with the 4, taken in dummy with the king.

Declarer led a spade to her hand and drew the last trump. She played her J, discarding a diamond from dummy and this was the position:

A K 9
10 ---
--- ---
--- Q
J 10 2 Q 8 6

Kate cashed her 4 and West had to discard a club to save his spade winner. Declarer discarded the diamond from dummy and it was East's turn to squirm. She had to save the Q (or declarer's 5 would be good) -- neither defender could save clubs. The A K 9 in dummy took the last three tricks.

Making plus 170 was worth 2.87 IMPs. Nine pairs bid 4 and went set one. Two pairs bid and made it. You can see this and the other results by clicking here.


  1. Nice, though had you actually been in 4H, luck probably would've had it that opps would lead (and continue) clubs and cash only one heart after getting in with the Ace of spades, which should make 4H go down I think.

  2. Thanks for your comment and analysis. Actually, after cashing the Ah and Jh, any lead now but a diamond (including a low heart or a spade) will hold the contract to 3H, according to Deep Finesse. The entries aren't right for the squeeze to operate.

    After the original diamond lead, West has to cash the Ah and Jh (when in with the As) or she can ruff a spade and take three hearts, two spades, one spade ruff, and two tricks in each minor suit.