Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poker bloggers' fantasy football update

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We've had four weeks of football and it's time to see how I'm doing in the Weak / Tight league for 12 trash-talking jive turkeys poker bloggers (click to enlarge the image):

Well, look at that. Memphis MOJO is tied for first place. I had no idea (heh heh).

QB - Jay Cutler. So far he's been great. Denver can't seem to stop anybody, so they should continue to get into shootouts which is good for me.

RB - Matt Forte has been good. He is a good receiver as well as a runner. Ryan Grant has been a bust. I didn't even play him last week. Maybe it's just his injury and he'll come around. Steve Slaton has claimed the starting job in Houston. I played him this past week and he had a TD and 116 all-purpose yards.

WR - Terrell Owens and Calvin Johnson have been great. For my third WR, I have been zigging when I should be zagging. I played A.Bryant and he did nothing. I sat him the next week and he had 10 catches and a bunch of yards. Vincent Jackson has been hit or miss. I seem to have played him when he missed. Kelvin Walter had 76 yards and two TDs last week. He also had splinters in his butt because I had him on the bench.

TE - Jason Witten has been a beast. Good yards each week and an occasional TD.

The kickers have been okay (NE Gostkowski and Carolina Kasay). Minnesota defense has been a disappointment, but maybe they'll come around. Also have Carolina defense, so will mix and match.

I've got my MOJO working.

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