Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poker blogger fantasy FB league update (ahem)

Click to enlarge to see who's in first place.

Schaub's Mob was in first place before this past weekend. Other mother bloggers doing well are NumBono and MeanHappyGuy.

There are four of us tied for first with 5-2 win-loss records. I'm listed on top because I have the most total points -- apparently this is the tie-breaker.


  1. LOL.... kiss of death me thinks!

    By the way, I notice you are not linking Schaubsy. (tied for 1st. with you) Another good Canadian boy..... for the record.

    You can find his blog on mine as Bad-Luck-Schaub-Rock, if you're interested.

    He doesn't post as often as he should, but always a great read!

  2. Yeah, he was in first until this past weekend.