Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poker pearl #3

Playing in a tournament, you are in the big blind holding
A K. An early position player calls (or makes a small raise), and everyone else folds around to you. You now raise to three times the big blind, right? Whoa, not so fast.

The current (November 2008) issue of Bluff magazine has a column by Eric "Rizen" Lynch titled: "The Art of Pre-flop Deception." Here's what he says:

Another example of deception is when you have
A-K off-suit out of the blinds. (This hand)
plays best heads up, but if there is a
single raiser and no callers, I will often
just smooth call. When you do this, your
hand becomes massively underrepresented
and you can win large pots when you flop
a hand and your opponent is dominated.

(If) you reraise here your hand becomes
perfectly represented, and you are out
of position. Generally, I dislike playing
hands in such a way (when I'm) out of
position where my hand is pretty much
face up and there is still a lot of
money behind.

Poker: there's so much to think about.

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