Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do you like blogs with photos?

Both of my readers know I put lots of photos on my blog because that's how I roll. I enjoy doing it and I think it adds interest. If you like that sort of thing, there are other blogs that you may want to check out.

A lady named Mo has a blog named Another Las Vegas Daily Photo. There are lots of these floating around with names like "XXXXX (fill in the name of a city) Daily Photo." Mo is one of the few who actually does update on a daily basis, not just when she feels like it, and has good quality photos, too. There's no poker or bridge content.

Another interesting one is called Boise Daily Photo. The lady calls herself the Boise Diva. I don't know if she sings or not, but I do know she is handy with a camera. She also has a Boise Daily Photo Garden Shot, and it is equally wonderful. This lady must sleep with her camera, just in case she wakes up and decides to take another photo! I'm just sayin'. There is no poker or bridge.

We all know blogger OhCaptain from his terrific poker blog. Did you know he was an excellent photographer and has a photo blog? You can see his work by clicking here. OhCaptain cheats, though. He often shoots his two daughters -- it's hard to miss with those cuties.

Another poker blogger is bastin. He used to post photos on an occasional basis, but look out. He just bought a new fancy, shmancy camera and has vowed to inundate us with photos, and he has started already. He lives in Oregon, and Saturday he took shots of Christmas trees being harvested, including two photos of them being ferried by a helicopter! He includes interactions with the people he encounters along the way, and this adds a folksy touch.

One of the few bridge bloggers who uses photos is Stacy Jacobs. She has stuff besides bridge and isn't shy about including pictures.

One final pimp-out is for Betty Underground. No poker (or bridge) content, but I've noticed several poker blogs are linked to her. I guess they are like me and appreciate a quality blog, even if there's nothing about playing cards.


  1. If I may add a link to my own site of photos,, holding nearly 200 images shot with the very low tech russian Lomo.


  2. Thanks for the plug! I really appreciate the kind words!

    It looks like I've added a few more blogs to Google Reader. Thanks for the shares!

    BTW - I love when you add the pictures to your blog. I like seeing the other casinos you visit. Although it also usually makes me want to join you :-)