Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't be a blabbermouth

Playing bridge online last night, I picked up:
A Q 9 8 6 A J 9 3 7 10 9 6.
The game was a 12-board mini-tournament and the scoring was IMPs.

My left-hand opponent opened 1, my partner, Kate, passed, and RHO bid 1. I competed with 1 and LHO rebid 2. It proceeded pass and a 3 call on my right. This was passed out and it was my lead.

I try to lead from something, but I didn't like the A. Yes, the K is more likely to be on my left, and if so, the A might be productive. Still, the king could be on my right, so I tried the 10. That's the unbid suit; maybe it won't give up anything. Here was what I saw:

J 3 2
A K J 10 5 2
A 8 3
A Q 9 8 6
A J 9 3
10 9 6

Now declarer said, "Partner, my bid shows five hearts and an opening bid, you can't pass." The dummy said "No, read Max Hardy again. It shows six hearts and 11 points."

Don't you love it? While this discussion is going on, I thought to myself that they are sure giving up a lot of information. This can only help the defense! I'm just sayin'.

The Blabbermouth, after she stopped blabbering, played the A and partner played the 2, encouraging in our methods. Declarer played the 4 to the 7, 10 and my jack. Now what?

I led another club to partner's K. Sweet! I found probably the only card in her hand. Kate shifted to the 4, declarer played the king and I won the ace and cashed the queen, partner following with the 5. I'm not sure what I would have done if the Blabbermouth hadn't told me what she had in her hand, but given that, I knew our only tricks had to come in the heart suit, so I exited with a spade. The J won as South discarded the J.

Declarer led a diamond to her queen, and advanced the Q. I grabbed the ace and followed through with my plan and led the 6. A diamond was discarded from dummy and partner ruffed with the 8. Yes!

Declarer over-ruffed with the Q. She cashed the Q and led a diamond. I ruffed, won my 9 and declarer took the last trick with a low heart.

Here are all four hands:

J 3 2
A K J 10 5 2
A 8 3
A Q 9 8 6 10 5 4
A J 9 3 8 7 6
7 9 8 4 3
10 9 6 K 4 2
K 7
K Q 10 5 2
Q 6
Q J 7 5

The final tally was down three and plus 150 our way for a score of plus 5.44 IMPs. I am not sure what would have happened if The Blabbermouth hadn't drawn us a roadmap, but she sure made it easier. She commited two sins:
(1) don't criticize your partner at the table and
(2) don't say anything that may help the opponents.

Here is a link (click here) to see what everyone did. Maybe you and I can play together sometime, but only if you promise not to be a blabbermouth.

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