Saturday, November 15, 2008

How many poker books have you read?

I have a ton of poker books and I was wondering just how many I actually have. I decided to solve the mystery by counting them! Poker players are so damn smart. And yes, I've read all of them at least once, some three or four times.

The answer if 43. Some players brag that "I've never read a poker book," but they are kidding themselves. A good poker book can definitely elevate your game, not to mention simply the enjoyment of reading one.

How many have you read? Click on this image to enlarge and see my collection. Are any of them the same as yours?

There's the classic Super System sitting on top. I have the five Harrington books in a row, do you see them? Can you spot Phil Gordon's Little Green Book or Caro's Book of Tells? They are all in there.

What's the favorite poker book you've read? Besides the Harrington tournament books (not the cash books, they stink), I probably liked the Lynch, Van Fleet and Turner book Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time the best -- if you play online, it is quite relevant. The Gus Hansen book is eye-opening, and expanded my game. The Read 'em and Reap book has helped my live tournament play.

Which book(s) do you like?

[Question: Am I really sitting around on Saturday afternoon taking photos of poker books? I mean, really!]


  1. Uhm, let's see. from bottom left:

    Greenstein check,
    Suicide King check,
    Then fast forward to Full Tilt,
    Harrington on Cash I+II check,
    Harrington on Tournament I+II+III check,

    Never read Super System. When I got into poker the book cover me think it looked a little like snake oil - the book, that is, not the game - so I let it be.

    Gus Hansen - great book, needs another read!

    I do have a book by Vorhaus, but not that one - my first poker book btw

    Sklansky/Miller NLHE: Don't really like it, but it's in my library so check.

    Then I have a bunch that aren't in the picture. They are in a box right now, but in total I think I have about 15-20 poker books. And that's not nearly enough of how many I'd like to have.


  2. The Banker, The Professor and The Suicide King. Only Poker book worth a lick!


  3. How many Bridge books do you have?

  4. I just counted my bridge books. Surprisingly, I only have 18 here at home, but some more at the office, not sure how many. I've given so many away over the years. Also, I read the Bridge World magazine and Bridge Bulletin magazine each month.

  5. Man, I'll have to get them all in one place to count them. Here's what I have from memory...

    Harrington oh Hold 'em (I,II,III)
    Harrington on Cash (I,II)
    Greenstein - Ace on the River (Favorite not how-to book)
    Bob Ciaffone Play Better Poker (Collection of essays...good in the john)
    Erik Lindgren's
    Small Stakes Hold 'em
    Tournament Poker for the Advanced Player (Best how to other then Harrington)
    Super/System I (Must read)
    Full Tilt Tournament Poker (Very Good)
    The Mathematics of Poker

    That's all I can do without taking a walk and gathering all of them.