Sunday, December 28, 2008

MOJO outlasted 14,188 players! How did you do?

Well, the title sounds great, but the field included 35,000 players, so not as good as it sounds. With this effort, Poker Stars set a new Guinness World Record (not authorized yet, but sure to be).

I had crap hands all day, and stole what I could. The hand I busted out on was the best hand I had seen: 10 10. We started with 3,000 in chips and I had drifted won to about 1600. I forget the blinds, but if I made a normal raise, I was pot committed, so I moved all in. A player with Q Q had no trouble calling me. The better hand held up and I was history.

It was interesting to be part of such a large tournament. I know I played too conservatively for that size field, but that's how I roll.

How did you do?


  1. Went card dead the second hour. Folded to the money ... barely. I had 250 chips at the bubble!

  2. I didn't do at all. I decided to spend time with the family, thereby setting myself up for a better spot further down.

    Not bad to outlast nearly 15K players with crap hands, though. Way to go!


  3. I didn't play. Card death sucks. Zeem cashed as well. I went to WalMart. I think you had more fun. Me and the kids were picking up laundry detergent.