Saturday, December 6, 2008

Poker pearl #8

The right mindset is essential to being professional (by Chris Rhodes):

Every bet is precious
An extra bet saved or gained contributes significantly to your overall win rate. If you are not protecting your chips, you probably should not be in the game.

The game will run tomorrow
Many players are intensely focused on how much they are up or down for the day. Worrying about results in a (small) time frame can only lead to bad decisions at the table.

Fish get aces too
Many players give way too much action to a player they view as weak. Even if you don't respect your opponent, respect the deck.

Beats happen
When players put their money in badly and catch, just worry about the next pot.

Think about the winners and the losers
Many players fall into the trap of analyzing only the hands they lose. It is possible to win hands that you play poorly, so you should be analyzing all your decisions.

The above is from the latest Card Player magazine, Dec. 3, casino edition.

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