Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Tuckfardian Monday

Fourteen runners showed up for the weekly, always-fun, NL Hold 'em Tuckfard Open. We were missing BamBamCan, but Pebbles played in his place and Bedrock was well-represented. Most of the other usual suspects showed up. I saw MuhcTim playing and he foolishly went all in with A-A against NutzCarson's 6-6. S-N-A-P -- that was the sound of his aces getting beat. Katatitude brought her attitude. Early on Wolfshead had bad luck when he ran his 10-10 into my K-K -- some nights you can't avoid the coolers.

I was lucky early to build a big stack when the aforementioned K-K took out both a short stack and crippled Wolfshead. After that I was able to wait for premium hands. The few times I did bet, I was getting little resistance as I showed some pretty strong hands.

Of course, you have to get lucky. When you make quads and someone bets and you take down a decent-sized pot, that's not you playing great poker, that's pretty much luck. Here's a screen shot:

When we were four-handed, I was again lucky, this time against RedNeckTuckfard. We were all in preflop. She had 4 4 versus my A J. The flop was 10 5 7 -- a good flop for her. The turn was the 7, so now all she has to do is dodge an ace or a jack. The river was the 5 -- whoa! When I looked a second time, the board showed two pair, 7s and 5s to counterfeit her 4-4. We both had 7s and 5s, but my ace played as a kicker! She was a good sport about it.

I was card dead for a while and kittenshocker and cemfredmd slugged it out. Finally, kittenshocker went out in third-place. At that point I was outchipped by 13+K to around 9K. He whittled me down, and finally I picked up 5 2 in the big blind. Cemfredmd completed and I went all in -- ha ha, just kidding, I checked, too. The flop was great for me: 2 5 Q. I flopped two pair! I forget the betting but we ended up all in. My two pair wasn't looking so good when the cards were turned over. The villain other guy had 2 Q for a higher two pair! I'd like to report that I hit a 5 on the river to boat up, but that only happens on TV or to the people who play against me online.

So, congrats to cemfredmd, and shockerkitten as well. Also, congrats to fourth-place good sport, good player and bubble-girl RedNeckTuckFard and to NutzCarson who was 5th.


  1. Always a pleasure to see you on a Monday night Memphis my friend.

    Maybe we can get you out to the second game next week too.

    Big news on the horizon......

  2. I would have liked to seen it. I was pulled to the TFII table, and the TFI disappeared before I could see what happened. lol, but I knew, oh, yes, I knew. Never had a better time gettin' my Aces whipped.