Friday, January 30, 2009

Electricity in the air -- is it AC or DC?

Poplar Avenue is the main east-west artery in Memphis. If you travel west on it heading to downtown, you might look to your right and see this billboard:

I waited for a break in the traffic, pulled to the right-hand lane and shot this photo through the windshield of my Camry. I'm not sure why they bothered with a billboard -- tonight's show has been sold out for some time now.

I looked over the info on AC/DC in Wiklpedia and found out some interesting facts.

True or false? The band gets its name because some of the members are heterosexual and some are not?

The answer is false. According to Wikipedia, they took the name because they saw AC/DC on the back of a sewing machine and thought the electricity concept symbolized their raw energy, power-driven performances.

The group has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide, including 71 million albums in the United States.

AC/DC is pronounced one letter at a time, though the band is popularly known as "Acca Dacca" in Australia.

Although the band is commonly classified as hard rock, and considered pioneers of heavy metal, AC/DC has always classified its music as "rock and roll."

Changing gears -- Is just me or do they overdo the fees on tickets. I believe in capitalism and making money and all that, but enough is enough. The ticket itself was expensive, but here are the add-ons:

Facility charge = $2.00
Convenience charge = $13.10
Delivery = $2.50
Order processing fee = $4.20
Additional Taxes = $1.22

Total fees = $22.52!

Note - delivery means they sent me a PDF by e-mail and then I had to print my own ticket. If they sent the actual ticket to me instead, it was more.

One more thing. They say no cameras allowed. We'll see about that.


  1. fwiw - minor brag - I saw ACDC in the Glasgow, Apollo theater in 1978 (or was it 79???). With Bonn Scott singing. Angus came into the audience right where I was standing - (headbanging) balcony - and I managed to touch the short fella on the arm or something. Awesome... Shame to see him all old and wrinkly like me.

  2. I'll be checking back for a concert review. Sometimes they pop up on my music player, usually just after Johnny Cash for some reason.

  3. @havin_a_laff: let's not talk too much about the old and wrinkled thing, ok?

    @Boise Diva: Roger that. My cell phone has a camera, so let's hope for a pic or two as well.

  4. For 13.10, I think I'd be ok with them just inconveniencing me instead.

  5. My son is absolutely obsessed with AC/DC. He would have loved that concert.