Saturday, January 3, 2009

I give up for the night

While watching the Colts and Chargers playoff game, I played a $4 sniper (bounty) tournament with nearly 600 players. I was 69.33% to win preflop, 82.92% after the flop and 93.18% with one card to come. Why does their card always come on the river? (click to enlarge)

That one didn't work, so I entered another one (sniper) about an hour later and got my aces cracked to bust out.

Then I played a $20+2 Sit and go. I had AA, the villain had 6-6 and he check-raised me all-in on the flop. Ha ha, these donkeys. Whoa, not so fast. Guess what card came on the turn?


  1. Nice to see (not really) that I was not alone in misery tonight.

  2. Ooof! At least I hope whatever football team you were rooting for won the game.

    Thanks for the Phil Gordon link.


  3. Wow - is today an evil day of bad beats and nasty rivers? I seemed to get screwed in all my tournaments today.

    At least tomorrow should be better ...