Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Saturday poker action

I played in a tournament last night at the Goldstrike Casino. The bad beats and suckouts were rampant. Early on, a guy made a small raise with A-A and was called by 8-8. The flop was 8-X-X and the A-A guy bet and was raised all in. He called. The turn was a miracle card for him -- one of the two remaining aces. Not to worry, however, the set of 8s hit a one-outer -- he drew the fourth 8 on the river.

In another cute hand, a shortstack moved all in with A 5 and was called by A-K offsuit. The flop was K-X-X where the two Xs were spades. The A-5 guy hit his flush on the turn when the K was dealt. The big slick guy had exactly three outs now, but an ace came on the river to give him a full house.

There were a lot more hands like this that I don't remember the specifics of, but needless to say, it was a crazy night. The worst part was I had to listen to all the dumb jokes about how live poker is so rigged, etc.

There were 59 players in the tournament. I lasted for three hours. When I was shortstacked, I moved in with 5-5. Presto ran into 10-10 and I didn't improve. It was 9 p.m. and I wanted to play some more, but the 1/2 NL HE games had a waiting list five miles long, so, I jumped in a 4-8 limit game. I won $60 and decided to call it quits for the night, being down $50 (the entry to the tournament was $110). I asked for a comp for a large pepperoni pizza that I wanted to take with me to eat while watching the NFL games Sunday. I got the pizza, and, as I was walking out, I realized I was carrying a $50 pizza. That's not too bad, however -- one time last August, that darn free pizza cost me nearly $300.

When I got home, I played in two cheap online sit-and-gos. This hand was from the first. We were all in on the flop. The short stack had the A-A hand, so at least I figured to win the side pot from the Q-Q hand. Check the river.

Then this one. Too bad the guy didn't have a full house, or at least the nut flush. For some reason, his hand doesn't show, but he had J Q.


  1. That's some spendy pizza. Of course, I once drove the family way out of the way on a vacation so I could eat Gino's pizza in Chicago. The expense of the travel and using a lot of dad mojo to convince them it was worth it made for a very spendy yet so satisfying pizza :)

  2. Those were some crazy hands! Will you be playing any of the tournaments at Harrah's this week/next week? I have the schedule on my blog. I missed the LHE, couldn't get away from work in time. I'm planning to play a couple, maybe the 6 max NL and HORSE.

  3. I might visit Memphis this summer. If so, we'll have to take a trip to Tunica and show them boyz how the bloggers roll.

  4. @OhCaptain - it's only mobneys.

    @jusdealem - I was planning to play Saturday, but I scored some tickets to see the Grizzlies play the NJ Nets, so (just like poker) I gotta make another tough decision. Call the tournament or laydown my tickets.

    @lightning - for sure plan to come. I might know a free place for you to stay if you're interested (if you catch my drift).