Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The King James version

My boss and I went to see the Memphis Grizzlies play the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight. He scored the tickets from a lady he plays bridge with. (She has season tickets, but is out of town.) They were great seats (Row H). I usually sit at an altitude of 5000 feet or more and take an oxygen tank with me, so this was a treat.

I haven't been going to as many NBA games the last couple of years because the Grizzlies have been so bad. I wanted to go tonight, however, to see LeBron James and he didn't disappoint. It looked like he was taking it easy on us, yet when it was over, he had a triple double. Yes, he had 30 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. He looked like a man playing with children, frankly.

He is so big, so strong, so fast, so athletic that it's just not fair that he also has a high basketball IQ -- he just seems to know where to go on the court and what to do at all times.

I took my camera. I wanted to take my good one, but I tried that two weeks ago when they played Phoenix. They stopped me at the door and made me check it. They only allow small digital cameras, so I took my point-and-shoot tonight. Sorry these pics aren't any better -- where there is action, the shots are blurred. (Click to enlarge; you know the drill.)

Marc Gasol, younger brother of LA Laker Pau Gasol, lines up to shoot a free throw. LeBron is number 23 in the dark red uniform.

The FedEx Forum scoreboard shows an early score.

The used to call them the Grizzlies' Dance Team. Now they are calling them the Grizzlies' Girls -- ugh. I'm an older guy and not into PC, but that's ridiculous in this day and age.

At the break after the third quarter, they had these guys perform. They jump in the air (with the aid of something they bounce off of) and slam dunk the basketball. The are dressed like Elvis impersonators and call themselves the Kings of the Court (Elvis was The King).

LeBron takes a breather as his teammate shoots a free throw at the other end.


  1. awesome seats, esp when they're free fiddy-free.

  2. I caught the USA Olympic team, including Lebron, first warm up game when at the Vegas NABC last summer.

    We were not so close. In fact I'm sure that some planes were stacking between us and the court.

    The only time I've had seats like this at a US sport was a Chargers football match. They were already out of playoff contention that year and seats were easily had.

    Of course the reason my seat was easily obtained was that you can see nothing from ground level when the bench stands up.

    Live and learn.