Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poker pearl #17

Columnist Roy Cooke writes an article each month about high-stakes limit poker in Card Player magazine (to the right you can see the scan of the cover of latest issue). His Jan. 28 piece is titled "Overaggressiveness Can Cost you!" Here's something he wrote:

"It's a truism of the game of poker that aggressive play is winning play. But many aggressive players overplay their hands and bet way too often.

"Some people think you should always bet if you think you hold the best hand. But that is conceptually incorrect. Generally, you should bet only when you think a worse hand will call the majority of the time, or a better hand will fold and the pot is laying you the correct price to bluff.

"You don't always have to be 100% correct when you are betting in order to get called. If you are the favorite to make money over the long haul when called, the bet is correct.

"It is especially important that you don't have an autopilot style . . . Every single bet that you're putting into the pot requires an independent analysis and decision . . . That translates into significant profits over the long haul -- and significant profits make for a happy poker player!"

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