Monday, January 5, 2009

What a ride

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That might sum up the Tuckfard Open for me tonight.

Early I picked up KK and made a big raise and was called by one player. The flop was all low cards and I made a big CB, also called. The turn was an ace, yuck. The villain didn't have many chips left, so I went ahead and put him all in (since I wasn't going to fold anyway). He had A-Q and this left me crippled.

The next playable hand I held was 7-7. My chip stack was about 800. BamBamCan wasn't playing. He missed the TF Open to watch hockey! Well, he's Canadian, so I guess we have to excuse him. His wife, PebblesCan was there, however, and I played my next deal against her. She bet 350, and I called. The flop was A-J-9 and I moved all in. Pebs thought for a while and called and showed 10-10 -- great call! She played me for a stop and go and that's what I had. The turn was a nebbish, but the river was a 7. I didn't even notice, wished everyone GL and then was surprised to see I still had chips! I had hit a two-outer on the river. No more whining by me about bad beats at least for a few days.

The next hand I played, the button raised and I had A-9 in the big blind. I was still short-stacked, so I moved all in. This was called and the villain other player showed A-Q. That wasn't a problem when I turned a 9 to double up again!

After that I went on a rush. I held big aces, big pairs and similar hands and built up my stack. When we were down to three-handed, DonK-Tuckfard moved all in. I had K-K and moved moved in as well. Jimdniacc also called. He turned over a fairly big ace (maybe A-9) and DonK had A-2. The flop contained an ace and Jimdniacc took the lead. But the turn was a 2 and DonK nearly tripled up.

One or two hands later, we played the final hand. Don and I both limped in and the flop was Q Q 10. Don had 10 7 and moved all in. With two queens on the board, it is extremely unlikely that I have a queen. The pot is big, so no use messing around. Unfortunately for him, I held 9 Q. So I was unlucky, extremely lucky twice, unlucky, then lucky again. What a night.

Suzy_Q nursed a short stack and played it well. She finally caught a hand and went with it, but it wasn't to be. She finished fourth and is officially tonight's bubble-person. PebblesCan was fifth, so props to her, too.

The final deal of tonight's Tuckfard Open.


  1. Nice comeback!

    Oh and by the way when you're really Canadian.....

    National Hockey > Poker every single time !


  2. Congrats on the victory. Heckuva nice flop on the final hand.

    Gotta remember to try to play in one of these this month.