Friday, February 6, 2009


Tonight I was going to play at Harrah's 6 p.m. tournament. I got there a little early and took some photos (see below). When I went inside, I found out the tournament was canceled this week because they just finished the WSOP Circuit Event and they were giving the staff a break.

I decided to go over to the Goldstrike to play some $1/2 NL. When I got there, I got on the waiting list and played some $4/8 Limit while I was waiting. I bought in for $100 and worked it up to $130 when my name was called for the no li. I normally buy in for $200, but decided to just play the chips I already had. I settled in and after an hour, I was about where I started. The game was okay, but not great. There had been one fish had rebought twice and left. I didn't get any of his chip$ -- too bad.

In the key hand of the night for me, I checked my hole cards to see K-K, sweet. I bet $11 and a guy raised to $25. He played loose, but was running hot. In fact, he's the guy who busted the fish by playing J-4 offsuit and catching runner runner. My stack was around $112, so I shoved. I was pretty sure he would call, and if he had A-A, so be it. First he asked for the dealer to count down my stack. Then, he called.

The flop was 4-4-6 rainbow. The turn was some other low card that I don't remember, and the river was another unimportant card. I turned my hand over. Now the other guy looks at the board, studies it for 8 or 10 seconds, and then turns over A-A. Gimme a break.

Now he says, "They can't beat me. They try, but they can't beat me. I'm just unbeatable. It's unbelievable."

This guy couldn't play his way out of a paper bag. He's not a regular, but I've seen him before. He's awful. A complete tourist might not know enough poker etiquette to know he shouldn't slow roll anyone, but this guy has played enough that he should know better. And what is this asking the dealer to count my stack down preflop? He's always calling with A-A. Then the tirade about how he's unbeatable was over the top.

He's really lucky I'm as easy-going as I am. He would have received a good cussing-out from most guys, or maybe even an invitation to step outside.

Below are some of the photos I took at Harrah's Casino tonight (click to enlarge if you wish):


  1. Poker on TV has just about ruined it for live poker unless you play with a regular crowd.

    Everybody wants to be Phil Helmuth, for some ungodly reason.

  2. That's pathetic behaviour. Even I, a mild-mannered Canadian, would have risen to that bait.


  3. Next time. Hubris is readily beatable.

  4. Maybe the guy was looking for trouble. He's probably having a blast and oblivious!

  5. You forgot to ask the appropriate question: "Sir, I need some assistance. Perhaps you could help me with the correct spelling of douche bag?"

  6. You got some excellent advice. I've played crumb buckets like him before. I try very hard to take the calm approach. In the long run, you want him coming back, eventually, he's gonna give it all back to you, with interest.

  7. Thanks for all the comments. I like to think I'm usually mild-mannered, but to be truthful, one reason I didn't react more strongly was that I was in a state of shock.

    @Boise Diva: I know you don't play much poker, but when you have what is expected to be the winning hand, etiquette dictates that you are should show your cards immediately. If you don't, it gives the other player false hope, which makes the loss sting more. It's an unwritten rule, but considered most rude to violate it. The taunting and comments, were bad too, obviously.

  8. Memphis my friend, I know a guy just like that! It's the reason I'm no longer a TuckFard.

    In my own home after an invite to play, no less. And not a peep from anyone else either.

    Going to prison for killing a douche bag like that, just ain't worth it.

    Sorry it had to happen to you too.