Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MOJO's headin' fer Texas

I'm leaving tonight to go to Houston for two weeks. The North American Bridge Championship, called NABC, is being held there. On Wednesday and Thursday I'm playing bridge in the North American Pairs. I don't get to play much high-level bridge any more because of my job, so this will be a treat.

Then, from Thursday night through March 23, I'll be working on the Daily Bulletins. If you want to see them, beginning this Friday you can click here, then click on the appropriate spot to get the day you are interested in. If you do this, take a look at the photos. Chances are good that I took them. Read the stories if one of the headlines grabs your fancy. Odds are around 50-50 that I wrote it.

Because I'll be busy, it's not likely I'll be able to post much. See you in two weeks.
One more thing. If you haven't been here recently, scroll down. On Sunday, I posted some photos from Key West FL.


  1. Have fun, and best of luck to you!!!

  2. Good luck good luck good luck! Love the daffodils in the header.

  3. Pester Stacy to give you some copy, perhaps a successful 2♣ auction after all the work she has been putting in.

    I can't be there till Washington but I shall be reading the bulletins.

    Have fun!

  4. Best of luck, don't forget the camera!


  5. Welcome to Texas, Mojo! Good Luck!

  6. Take it down! Er, wait, wrong game ...


  7. Just push all in every hand and play the hammer and you'll be okay. Bridge is just like poker, right?

    Good luck. Hope you have good news for us in future posts.

  8. Yep, Welcome Brother! You'll be about 5 hours south of me.

    Let me know if you want to get up a Texas Blogger poker game next weekend.