Saturday, March 28, 2009

Places: Beauty and the beast

Houston is far enough south, that it had plenty of plants already in bloom. The Discovery Green park had lots of color, and the Hilton did, too.

Pansies, snapdragons and black-eyed susans are shown above.

More snapdragons at the park.

The Hilton-Americas is on the left, the Discovery Green on the right, and red azaleas are in between.

The purples flowers above are cyclamen with a few daffodils mixed in.

Above is your basic Picasa collage. Click on image and you can see the beast among the beauty.


  1. More great pictures, Mojo -- but how did you do in the tournament?

  2. @Lightning: I was afraid you'd ask. The first day was a two session qualifying (for the second day). We were just below average both sessions, so were eliminated. We didn't play great, but we didn't play terrible. Sometimes, stuff happens and all that.

    Seriously, thanks for asking.

  3. damn, that's one ugly lamp post!