Thursday, March 26, 2009

Places: For those who worship

When I was out with my camera on Sunday, I took a walk to Minute Maid Park.

After checking it out, I looked up and I saw the image below.

What is that almost hidden between the two buildings? This called for a closer look.

The church is called Annunciation Catholic Church.

It was built in 1869 and remodeled in 1884.

It's the second oldest Catholic church in Houston.

It was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1975.

See the fence in the image below? I hope it's not to keep people out.

You can see some photos of the church if you click here, but I think mine might be better.

When they were building the church, they bought the old Harris County Courthouse and used the bricks for the foundation. You can find out other tidbits by going here or here.

We're not through with Houston quite yet. Tomorrow: Places: Beauty and the beast.


  1. Very pretty! I wonder what it looks like inside.

  2. I didn't go inside (not sure it was open), but I found this link, and it is awesome. If you go there, scroll to the bottom and click on page 2. This takes you to incredible shots of stained glass windows.