Sunday, April 5, 2009

One more game

North Carolina is in the NCAA finals and needs to win one more game to take the title.

Michigan State is a terrific team that is playing well right now, and has somewhat of a home-court advantage. Yet, the Tar Heels are a 7.5 or 8 point favorite, depending on which place you check. Why not? UNC is clicking on all cylinders and dispatched Oklahoma and Villanova fairly easily (both by a double-digit score).

One of the schools I went to was N.C. State. The Wolfpack is a huge UNC rival -- still I can't help but pull for UNC. Who are you rooting for?


  1. Go Heels!!!! When were you at NC State? I grew up in Chapel Hill...

  2. I was there from 81 to 84 (night classes in computer science for three years).

  3. I'm a Buckeye grad, so I'm rooting for my Big-10 school. UNC looks strong, though, perhaps too strong...

  4. Hope you enjoyed your stay in the Triangle area...thanks for the support last night too. I always root for ACC teams in the NCAA unless it's Dook.

  5. You've probably seen this bumper sticker:

    "Friends don't let friends go to Dook."