Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plan ahead

Playing online bridge Monday night, our opponents got to 4 on this deal (hands rotated):

K Q 8 7 2
K Q 10 7 5 3
A 2 8 7 6 3
A 9 5 4 J 6 3
K 10 7 6 4 J 9 8 3 2
8 2 J
K Q J 10 9 5
Q 5
A 9 6 4
West North East South
1 2NT Pass 4
All Pass

The 2NT bid showed hearts and clubs, but South had a solid suit of her own. West, Kate, led the 8 taken in dummy with the king. Declarer advanced the 4 to the king and ace. West accurately shifted to a diamond. Declarer could see that if she led a club, one of us would ruff, so she tried the K.

West won the A and cashed her K. When declarer played the queen, Kate knew that no more diamonds would cash -- declarer was now void or had the J, so she took her only chance and led a club. I ruffed and that was down one.

Where did declarer go wrong in this simple deal? If she looks ahead, she can anticipate what actually happened. Therefore, she should lead the K at trick two to set up a discard for her diamond loser. Yes, we might get a club ruff, but that and two aces are her only losers.

Plus 50 was s 7.44 IMP loss for North-South. If she had planned ahead and made 420, she would win 2.49 IMPs instead.

When I looked at the scores, I was surprised to see that 13 pairs (out of 73) bid slam off two aces. I was even more surprised to see that three of them made it!

I couldn't make this stuff up, and you can check out this and see all the results if you click here.

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