Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some days start off badly, but end great

I took a vacation day to go play another event in the Magnolia State Poker Tournament. It was similar to the one I played last week. The entry fee was $240 for 8000 in chips, and the structure was good: 40-minute levels starting at 25/50.

There were only 83 runners, which was disappointing. There are regular weekly tournaments that sometimes draw that many. The attendance was poor, and my results even worse. I picked up a few small pots, but each time I had a good hand, I lost chipa. When the blinds were 25/50, an older guy in early position raised to 200. It folded to me and I checked my hole cards to see: K K. Some like to slow play and trap, but I usually bet out. They will either play with you or not, so I raised to 600. The flop was just awful: A Q J. He checked to me. I guess I could check also, but I took one stab at it and bet 700 which was called. The turn was the Q and the villain bet 1,000. Um, sure buddy.

I lost money twice with suited A-Q. On one, this old man limped in and he had A-K. I lost the minimum. Then this: The blinds were 50/100 and two limped to me on the button and I had: A A. I raised to 600, and the big blind (who had a short stack of around 3000) called. The flop was Q 8 7. The villain checked, I bet 1,000 and he moved all in. I finally decided he had either 10-9 suited and a draw or something like K-Q or A-Q. I called and was shocked when he turned over 8-7 off suit for two pair. I'm not sure how weak they will be to call a big raise out of position, but they are taking it to new levels.

Now my stack was crippled. A couple of orbits later, the blinds were 100/200 with 25 ante. There were four limpers to me in the big blind and I had 5-5, presto! I moved all in. I was hoping to pick up the pot there, of course, and if someone calls me, I'll race with them. Not so fast. The next guy who had been first to act, also moved all in to isolate me. Fine, I thought, I'll race, but he had 10-10, presto was not gold, and I was history.

The highlights of the tournament for me were these two things: 1. During the first break, I was in the bathroom and this guy said to a friend (loud enough that I could hear), "Thank goodness my Flomax is working." Um, too much information there guy. 2. Another guy told a joke at the table. I think I have heard some version of it before, but I'm not sure. Question: What is the difference between a dog and a poker player? Answer: A dog will eventually quit whining.

I wasn't ready to call it a day, so I wandered over to the Goldstrike which is next door to the Horseshoe.

I was surprised to find out there was an Omaha-8 game with a kill going (surprised because it was during the day and middle of the week) with one seat left. Yes! CK told me in a comment that I would get hooked on it and she is right. With four hole cards, the possibilities are endless. At least, that is what I've found others think. I just try to play better starting cards (when I can figure out what that means), and don't chase unless the math is right. I've played O-8 twice before, but both times on a weekend. While there were weak players to support the game, there were always several good players, too. This time there was one good player and the rest were hopeless. One guy didn't understand how the low hand worked! When they were explaining it to him, the guy next to him said some things (I forget what exactly) that indicated he didn't either! So, obviously they were both Omaha newbies.

I played conservatively, but when I hit a hand, I got paid off. For example, a player had 4-4 and the flop was K-7-4. It was bet to him and he raised with his bottom set. I called. The turn was another 7, giving him 4s full of 7s. He bet $12, I raised and he raised me back. I raised again. What do you think I had? Yes, I had K-K for kings full of 7s. Then he started complaining about how he must be the unluckiest player in the world. Um, sure.

I bought into the Omaha-8 game for $120. Check out my stack:

I plan to play one more tournament. Saturday evening there is a Seniors' event for players over 50. I think I can bluff my way past that age thing, ha. It costs $340, so I'm going to give it a shot.

Here are some more photos that I took today.


  1. Congrats on your new Omaha addiction. I'm about to post a fun cooler of a hand in my PL08 adventures.


  2. Nice job on the omaha front. I just love, love, love that game :-)

    GL in the seniors event!

  3. You're going to get me to try O8 yet.

  4. Glad you were able to get over that questionable call that guy made on your raise in the tournament and make the day a profitable one playing Omaha. Love the idea of a 50+ tournament. Look forward to hearing how you do.