Saturday, April 4, 2009

SSS - Sunday street scenes

After the basketball game last Sunday, I took a stroll down Beale Street.

[Click to enlarge.]

The statue of the man holding a cornet is of W.C. Handy, generally considered to be the father of the blues.

The photo of the kid standing on the "basketball," was taken just after the game at FedEx Forum, about 50 feet or so off Beale Street on 3rd Street. From his blue shirt, can you guess which team he was rooting for?

Notice the guy with the cans of spray paint -- he has a mask, but he's not using it! With a little more inhalation, he'll be brain-damaged enough to be a poker player.


  1. Nice work again, MOJO. You have an eye for richly-colored targets.

    Do you ever listen to "Beale Street Caravan?"

  2. @Crash: Thx for your compliment. I haven't heard of the caravan. What is it?

  3. It's on some public radio stations, syndicated, supposedly from Memphis. Blues music every Sunday nite. But after 21 years, you might like that guy from Deep Gap, NC better!!