Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heading south --> Nawleans

I decided to use a vacation day tomorrow and take a road trip. There is a WSOP Circuit event poker tournament in New Orleans called Harrah's New Orleans. It's almost over, so I'm not going to play in the tourney, but they have inexpensive rates at nice hotels. I intend to drive so that makes for a reasonably-priced get-away weekend.

I will be playing in the cash games. This is my fourth poker trip to the "Big Easy," and the first three were worth it, so let's hope that trend continues.

I might also do some tourist-type things on Saturday during the day. You know me: I'll have my camera handy, so look out when I return.

Fall of 2006 on Canal Street: The guy above was telling people about his version of Jesus. It's hard work, so he's taking a break.

Harrah's Casino has a fairly big poker room. I expect at least 25 tables in play each night with donkeys, monkeys and fish -- oh my!