Sunday, May 24, 2009

Running cold

There's cold and then there's ice cold. I seem to be doing the latter.

Last night I played in the Goldstrike Saturday night tournament. It was $80 buy-in with $10 added to get more chips for dealer appreciation. When the blinds were $200/400 with a $25 ante, my stack was about what I started with. I was on the button and pleased to see I had: A A. From early position, there was a raise to 1200, folded to me. I usually re-raise to get heads up and get more money in the pot, but because there were only the blinds behind me, I smooth called to disguise my hand. If the flop would be queen high, for example, and the guy had a queen, I might get his whole stack. Indeed, both blinds folded.

The flop was J 9 8. This isn't the greatest flop for me, so I knew I'd have to be careful. I did have the A, however, so when he checked I bet 1200 and he called. The turn was magnificent: 3, giving me an ace-high flush.

I don't remember the betting, but we got it all in and the villain turned over Q 10 for a flopped straight flush. I would never raise with a hand like this, but it worked for him. Nice hand, good game, screw me.

Tomorrow's another day. Oh wait, I said that in Friday night's post!


  1. That's a humbling experience for sure! But I guess this was your opponents dream hand that came true.

    Is there such a thing as running cold in bridge?


  2. Wow he raised from early position 3times the BB with Q10?? Not my idea of smart poker. He got real lucky with his straight flush and a real tough beat for you.

  3. QT? Wow.

    I don't even think I hit pairs with QT.

    Sorry about the beat.

    Silly crubs.

  4. Thanks to all who commented. It was better today, as you can see from my latest post.

  5. "Is there such a thing as running cold in bridge?"

    The answer is yes, but it's not as pronounced as in poker. The main reason for that is that even though poker is a skill-based game, there's still a high percentage of luck. Why did Jamie Gold and Jerry Yang win the main event? The luck factor worked for them.

    In bridge there is luck, too, but it is not as high a percentage.