Friday, May 1, 2009

Slummin' in the freeroll

About three weeks ago, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker send out e-mail notices to players on their sites saying that if the players completed a questionaire, they could play in a $500 freeroll. Being a cheapskate, the word "free" caught my attention.

1700 donkeys just like me played Thursday night. There wasn't much money involved, but the price was right, so what the heck.

Here's the hand I busted out on. We were all in preflop -- pretty sick, actually.


  1. Wonders why Hank was was playing 3,4 ??? Was it raised before the flop?? Of course in freerolls it really doesn't matter people play anything.........

  2. @dbcooper: I was SB, he was BB. He had been raising my SB with any two, so I set a trap. I limped, he made a big over-bet raise and I moved in.

    He had so much out there, I guess, that he decided to see if he could get lucky.

    It's what you want to happen, but not the final result.

  3. Congrats on the cash :-)

    GL GL GL this weekend too!

  4. I was not yet into my first coffee at Starbucks when I first commented on your table shot. (good excuse). I just looked at the dealer button and didnt clue in there was only 3 of you left in the tournament. Good plan on your part to trap him. Too bad the cards didn't fall for you.