Friday, May 22, 2009

Some nights you should stay home

Memorial Day weekend is always a good one for poker. Players come to Tunica and are hot to play. The chips are flying and you can win some serious ca$h.

I decided to play in the tournament at the Goldstrike tonight. They've changed it. It used to be $100 with 6000 in chips. Now, the buy-in is only $60 and you get fewer starting chips. I don't know the exact number, but I think there were around 65 runners.

I had two missteps which killed my night.

When the blinds were 150/300, there were four limpers to me on the button. I had A J and raised to 2100. I was hoping to win the pot right there. When there are that many, you have to make a pretty stiff raise, or you'll get several callers. Unfortunately, the big blind moved all in for 3600. Everyone else folded to me and I called the additional 1500.

He turned over A K. The flop was three low cards, but all hearts! I had two shots at a flush, but the board bricked out.

I treaded water for a while, then with blinds at 300/600 and a 50 ante, my stack was just below 5000, so my M was less than 5. I had A 8 in late position and shoved. That won me the pot. On the very next hand I had almost the same hand: A 9. It folded to me. I was afraid if I shoved again, it would look suspicious, so I bet 2100 and got one caller. The flop was K 4 2. I completed my stop and go by shoving. This might have worked, except the villain had flopped a set. He called and turned over 4 4 and that was it for me.

Tomorrow is another day. Before I left, I scooted over to the Horseshoe to check out their tournaments for the weekend. Here is a shot of their band:


  1. Keep shoving until your M is healthy, it's the 3rd shove in a row that looks suspicious...

    Like you said, there will be another day. Tunica looks like fun, I really need to get down there.

  2. Remembers all too well nights like you had. The memories dim though at your next winning night.

  3. yeah, no problem shoving there, I'd have done exactly the same thing.

    Of course doing it on the flop is a little risiker, especially with the King on board. But that's poker - can't win them all.