Monday, May 18, 2009


I can now send photos to my blog from my iPhone. I had to set up something with flickr and now I can e-mail the photo to them and they post it for me. Other than a little dark, it's a pretty good shot for a camera phone, ya?

Test 2, originally uploaded by dave1smith.

This photo is the second one I sent. I took the first photo through a window and (I think) at an angle which resulted in distortion/warped stuff on the right-hand side. I don't see it in this one (also taken through my hotel window). I timed it on the second try, and it was here in about three minutes after I tapped "send" -- amazing.

Test 3
Originally uploaded by dave1smith

This is the third (and last) photo I took with my phone. It has no distortion either, although (like the others) it is dark. Perhaps it I took it outdoors, it would be better? Bottom line: a cell phone will never replace a regular camera.


  1. looks warped in the right side. Unless of course, the river banks like that. And the boat. And the landscape.


  2. joxum beat me to the distortion...otherwise it looks good. Curious to know how the Flickr trick works.

  3. RE distortion: I took it through a hotel window. I wonder if that did it? Good question.

    I already had a flickr account. I forget where I went (did a google search) and signed up for this. I had to give them my blog (it also does other types such as word press) name and password, and answer some questions (size of photo, etc.) and they game me an e-mail address to use. It was pretty quick, too. Was posted maybe 5 minutes after I submitted it at the most.

    I took two more photos, I might do the experiement and send them as well. I can always delete after.