Monday, May 25, 2009

What was he thinking?

I played in the penny game tonight. I know these players aren't bracelet winners or anything, but really! When the third heart came, I figured he'd check. Then I'd bet on the river to get what I could out of him. (When I checked the turn, I was giving him a free card to draw to his boat so maybe the title should be "What was I thinking?")

Imagine my surprise when he bet big and didn't just call my check-raise, he moved all in.

Of course, if he had A-A, he would be writing a blog piece about me. He left after this hand, unfortunately, instead of reloading.

If the movie above doesn't work, you can go here.


  1. Well done sir! Another reminder to never die with TPTK.

  2. You gotta love players like him. He had to put you on at least trip jacks if not the flush would think when you check raised him you would think? Guess not!!!... Well done.