Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bow to the queen

They say that nice guys finish last, but a fellow blogger has proven that old saying to be false.

CK entered WSOP Event #25, a split event. Playing against 376 of the best Omaha-8 / Stud-8 players in the world, she made it through to the money and finished 39th. The event was eventually won by Phil Ivey. Come on, CK, you can't beat Phil Ivey? All kidding aside, she did outlast many bracelet winners that are well-known throughout the poker world.

There will be 57 events, and 57 poker players will finish 39th this summer. None of them, however, are quite like CK. She's an excellent writer (both entertaining and technically superb), has an upbeat personality, and, most importantly, is a kind and considerate person (a not-too-common trait among poker players, unfortunately). Those of you who read her blog already know that she quit her job as a high-powered attorney in New York City to move to Las Vegas to follow her dream.

I'm hereby anointing CK as the Queen of the poker Bloggers.


  1. yeah, that's pretty much a given, yet I have to give my Sis props too.

  2. Full props to Cardgrrl who can play and also writes well.

  3. Wow, what an honor!

    I don't think that I deserve such a thing, but thank you for the lovely post :-)

  4. That was a lovely post and I couldn't agree more. :)