Thursday, June 4, 2009

If declarer goofs, make him pay

Playing online bridge last night with Xwing, we played this deal (rotated):

Q 6 4
K 8 3 2
9 7 3
Q J 8
K 9 2 J 8 5
10 9 A Q J 7 6 5 4
K 6 5 2 Q J 4
10 6 5 4 ---
A 10 7 3
A 10 8
A K 9 7 3 2

West North East South
Pass 1 2
Pass Pass 2 Dbl
Pass 3 All Pass

I was West and led the 10. Declarer covered with the king (not the best play, but it didn't matter), Xwing played the ace and South ruffed. Declarer played a club to the queen and advanced the Q. I took my K and led the 9, ruffed by declarer.

South cashed the A, the for some reason cashed the A and the contract could no longer be made according to Deep Finesse. South exited with a spade, won by Xwing who shifted to the Q. Declarer took the ace and advanced the good 10. I ruffed and declarer overruffed with dummy's J. She led a diamond from dummy, and Xwing ducked! I won the king, returned a diamond to her jack and now Xwing led a heart for the trump promotion. (She could have won the jack when diamonds were led and kept leading hearts, but this looked sexier.)

We took two spades, two diamonds and the 10 for down one and plus 3.10 IMPS for our side. Declarers generally made 3, but went set in 5. The big winner was 3NT by North-South and you can see all the results here.


  1. Any hand with two spade fours has got to be worth discussing.

  2. "with two spade fours"

    Oops, corrected it now. Thx for the catch.