Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reports coming in

I talked to a friend of mine tonight who just got back from Vegas. He went for the first week and played in two events.

In the first event he played, it was the first level and someone raised to 175, the normal raise at his table. He was on the button with Q-Q. What would you do? He raised to 500 and the villain re-raised to 1000. Huh? He called and the flop was A-Q-x. The villain checked and my friend bet 2/3 of the pot -- the villain moved all in. My friend knew he must have A-A: The min-raise preflop, the check-raise all in, but he called and it was set over set (villain had A-A). He took the walk of shame after 23 minutes of poker.

He did better in his second event. He made it about half-way through and knocked out John Pham along the way.

My friend said he was impressed by the young guns. It was raise, raise, raise. He said if you raised them, they would raise you right back. They were totally fearless.


  1. This is why I am going to make my first WSOP appearance at the Seniors event.

  2. Some of the young guns are so super aggressive their motto is go far or go broke and that's what usually happens.