Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A sunny Sunday means baseball

I went to the ballpark Sunday. The Memphis Redbirds were playing the Iowa Cubs. We lost both games, but, really, who cares? Baseball on a lazy Sunday afternoon, soaking up some rays, taking photos -- it doesn't get much better than this.

Baseball is for all ages. This fellow (above) was enjoying himself.

The throw was high and the runner was safe. If you click to enlarge, you can see the baseball. Digital cameras are amazing.

On the photo with the scoreboard in it, if you click to enlarge you can see a FedEx plane flying overhead. Memphis is headquarters for this world-class company.

See the gyro-thingie? I wonder how they work. Have any of you been on one?


  1. Def no better way to spend a nice afternoon than at the ballpark.

  2. Love ball. Played for many years. Still love watching the game. Great photos

  3. In Minneapolis, by the river, is a company that has 70 Segways. They teach you how to use it, and give 3+ hour tours up and down the Mississippi with historical narration. Easy. Fun. Great photo ops of the river and the old flour mills. They even stop for a break at a flour mill museum built in one of the old mills. Just your style, MOJO.

    See their fun website: http://www.humanonastick.com/

  4. I googled the segway (thanks Joxum) and found this:

    The i series costs $4,495.00 and the p series costs $3,995.00 (excluding shipping and handling) but you can get them at special rates)

    One word: O-U-C-H.

  5. @Crash: Thanks for the link. You're right -- I would definitely love to do something like that.

  6. A number of cities have these tours. The link below claims that one is being set up in Memphis: http://segwayofmemphis.com/

  7. Hey, that guy stole my picture