Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thanks, I needed that

I went to the Goldstrike Saturday night to play poker. The tournament was at 6 p.m. and I signed up for it. The entry was $90 and there were 49 runners, 10K in chips and 20 minute levels.

When the blinds were 300/600/25, I picked up J-J UTG and raised to 2100. A guy who wasn't paying attention put 600 out. Now, when told that would stay, he reluctantly called the 2100 (it was either that or forfeit the 600). It folded to the BB who moved all in. She had around 9K, I had ~19K. What would you do? Well, it would help if you saw her. She had a do-rag on, boobs handing out and basically looked like a tourist donk. I moved all in myself to drive out the other guy.

When we turned our cards over, I wasn't surprised to see she had 8-8! Sweet. Pocket 8s, however, have been hot lately. Lightning36 was knocked out of WSOP Event #43 when he had Q-Q and the villain had 8-8. Sure enough, against me an 8 came on the river. Instead of chipping up to nearly 30K, I was now short-stacked at about 8 or 9K. Eventually I was all in against with Q-10 suited vs J-10 and lost that one, too.

Time for the ca$h game. I've learned that I don't always play well after a tournament. Maybe there's an adrenaline crash or something. I decided to play in the 4/8 Limit HE game. I bought in for one rack of white and started to play. At first I couldn't win a pot. Twice I flopped a set and someone stayed in and hit a flush -- stuff like that. Then things turned around. My good hands held up and got paid off.

This was a lucky hand for me that really turned things around. I had K J on the button and called. It was raised behind me and raised again. There were so many players who stayed that I did too. It was raised again. Finally it was capped. Seven players had put $20 each in the pot before the flop, w-o-w.

The flop was good for me: A 6 Q. Besides having the nut flush draw, I had a gut-shot straight draw (a 10). The turn was the 5 giving me the nuts. I bet $8 and two players called. The river was another 5 (I forget what suit), so there could be a boat. It was checked to me, and I bet another $8 anyway and got the same two callers. My hand was good! The pot was around $200!

Was there any doubt, actually? Crubs always get there. CK has been preaching that for some time now, and even the worst infidel has heard her message and become a believer.

After that, many more good things happened. I wish I could say I played great poker, but really, the pots just fell to me. When a dealer or new player came to the table, they all commented on my mountain of chips. I usually put 20 in a stack. I had 40. The brush came by and commented.

Around 1:30 a.m. I was ready to check out. They say if you cash out with a profit of four times your buy-in, you've had a monster night. I had to get six racks to carry all my chips. Guess what, they didn't all fit and I had to get a seventh for the rest. As I was cashing out, the shift manager came by and he also said something.

After returning from Vegas with my tail between my legs, it felt good, even if it was only limit poker (they call it no-fold-em hold-em).


  1. ARE you ready . . for what comes after bragging?


  2. Wow, mojo...7 racks?? That is awesome. I never run good at GS lol. Very nice! Solid brag

  3. Yeah, it was a brag post, but I felt justified after I aired my dirty laundry in Vegas. Ok to brag if you tell the bad stuff, too, lol.

  4. Awesome win. You deseved it after having your Jacks beat by snowmen. Its good to brag as we all know you tell us when things don't go so well too. Good win!!!

  5. Great job! Good to see you romp after having some bad times in Las Vegas. You weren't doubting yourself, I hope ...

    Freakin' 8-8!!! Cards of the Devil ...