Friday, September 4, 2009

Biloxi bound

There's a poker tournament that's just starting at the beautiful Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi MS and it's called the Gulf Coast Poker Tournament.

Yes, this is a three-day weekend, and I'm shooting down there. I've heard the Beau Rivage is as beautiful as anything in Las Vegas, and, it's located on the ocean (actually, the Gulf of Mexico) instead of being in a desert. No offense intended to Vegas, but I'm just sayin'.

They say it's beautiful, but let's do the experiment. Things like this must be checked out. I want hard data!

I'm not going to enter the tournament as I won't get there in time Saturday and the Sunday event is LIPS. Maybe I could borrow a dress, and, um, nevermind -- that could get ugly.

So, I'll just play some ca$h games Saturday, Sunday and maybe even Monday, and relax and have some fun. I'm sure I'll eat some seafood and walk on the beach. The odds are pretty good that I'll have my camera.


  1. Good luck and please post some photos. Thanks.

  2. Now is a busy time for me (travel-wise). I lived in Raleigh NC for 21 years and am heading there next weekend. Then going to Nashville TN the following weekend to see the TN Titans football game. After that, I'll catch my breath.

  3. I hope the odds include not only having your camera but that you'll get some fantastic photos to post when you get back!

  4. I love the Beau! I know you will get some great shots. Enjoy your trip! Good luck at the tables!

  5. Looking forward to the pics Memphis

  6. Good luck, I'm so jealous. I know you know this already, but the trip down 61 is more scenic. Obviously longer.