Friday, September 25, 2009

The deuce is loose

The Tunica Regional Bridge Tournament is being played this week at Sam's Town Casino (see image above). I plan to play Friday and Sunday; Saturday is still up in the air.

The District Qualifier for the North American Pairs is Sunday, and my partner is Richard. About a month ago I looked at the calendar and noticed that on Sunday it said Yom Kippur. I e-mailed Richard in a state of panic - would he be able to play? He said it didn't start until Sundown, and we'd be finished in plenty of time. Good thing it was an e-mail -- he was probably laughing at me.

I haven't played much lately, so to knock some of the rust off, I played online several times this week. This deal was the last board of an OKbridge mini-tournament on Wednesday:

A 7
Q J 10 7 5
5 2
K 10 7 6
K 3 2 10 6 5
9 A K 8 6 4
K 10 8 7 4 Q 9
9 5 4 3 Q J 8
Q J 9 8 4
3 2
A J 6 3
A 2

The bidding went Pass Pass to East who opened 1. I overcalled 1 and it passed out. Would you pass with North's hand? I could be fairly strong and still just bid 1, so maybe 1NT would have been better. Good thing my partner didn't do that, however, because then there would be no story.

West led the 9, I played the 10 from dummy, East won the king, and I dropped the 3. East couldn't tell who the singleton, so shifted to the Q. I ducked, and West encouraged. He continued with the 9, and I won the ace.

It looked more likely that East had the K, so I led to the A and continued with another. West won, cashed the K and led the 7 for East to ruff. The 10, suit preference, would have been better because he could ruff a heart. Poor East still didn't know who had the 2. You might say he couldn't deduce the deuce. On second thought, let's don't go there. So, East exited with the Q, I won the ace, and this was the position:

Q J 7
K 10
3 ---
--- A 8 6
10 ---
9 5 4 J 8
J 9 8

When I ran my spades, East was caught in a squeeze between the round suits. In practice, I discarded dummy's hearts saving K 10. East discarded all his hearts (to guard clubs), and at trick 12, my 2 won the trick -- making an overtrick for plus 110.

Anybody can take a trick with a 3. I took a trick with a 2 for maximum style points. It's amazing what little things please a bridge player.

For this, we gained 1.12 IMPs, and you can see all the scores here.


  1. "You might say he couldn't deduce the deuce. On second thought, let's don't go there. "

    The lines didn't translate. Good no bid.

  2. I definitely like 1NT by north. At MPs it should score better, and game might not be impossible.

    ...and good catch on west leading back the Ten of Diamonds. Kind of inexcusable, really.

  3. Best of Luck to you and your partner. Show them NO Mercy!! LOL

  4. Hopefully, you won't have more than usual to atone for on Monday evening! ;-)

  5. Have a great weekend, Mojo. Good luck!


  7. @TM: Thx for the link. I've bookmarked and will look over.

    Thanks to all who commented! Here's wishing all of you a great weekend, too.