Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't kill yourself

Have you heard of NFL suicide pools? No, they don't mean you have to kill yourself.

They're also called Elimination pools or Knockout pools. If you're not familiar with this, you pick an NFL team to win each week, but you can only pick a given team once. If your team wins, you advance, otherwise sayonara baby (insert Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) or something like that. Sounds simple, right?

One strategy is instead of picking a good team each week, pick against a bad team. If you decided to pick whichever team faced Detroit, well, that didn't work so well, now did it? It's a field of landmines out there -- sorta like the poker table.

Forty-three degenerates poker bloggers formed a pool that you can see here, and it's called Challenge CK!! The league was formed by Al, and he's offering to buy a shot for everybody who outlasts BWoP, to be given at the Geisha Bar at the poker blogger gathering in December.

The concept sounds simple, how could you lose? Not so fast. After the first three weeks, 17 have already been eliminated. That means, um, carry the one, subtract the 7, um, okay, there are 26 left -- at least I think so.

I won't be attending the blogger gathering, but can't stand to miss out on the challenge and the fun. The gloating power is worth more than a shot, anyway. The only thing better than gloating power is blogger gloating power.

Yep, I'm still hanging in there, and I picked San Francisco this weekend. Go 49ers!

Are you in one of these retarded fun and exciting things?


  1. I actually belong to one of these pools. My daughter Ang, runs it. So far I have not been knocked out. She has and last years winner has. BUT they are allowed to buy back in at an inflated rate until week 7 I believe. Then if you are eliminated thats that. I have not heard the term "suicide pool" though.

  2. Sounds like a great idea. If you want to stay in this week pick Indy over my beloved Seahawks. My poor Hawks don't have a chance

  3. I don't play these, but they are fun. I usually make my picks by who has the cuter quarterback, so I probably wouldn't do very well. sigh

  4. @diverjoules: GL the rest of the way, maybe we need to compare notes.

    @dbcooper: I considered that game, but I want to pick Indy in a later game (planning ahead and all that)

    @jusdealem: cuter QB and snazzier uniforms -- hey, probably do better than a lot of them.

  5. I use this site to check the stats.. GL.. I am just a donator.

  6. I'm bummed that you won't be able to make it in December, but thanks for joining in on the fun.

    Don't forget that I get a shot from Al for every person that I outlast :-)

  7. No, not in any pools. Good luck!