Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't send me any cars or expensive stuff

While over at CNet, I saw this headline:

FTC to bloggers: Fess up or pay up

This quote gives the gist of it:

Independent bloggers who fail to disclose paid reviews or freebies can face up to $11,000 in fines from the Federal Trade Commission,

Then it went on to say:

That means, theoretically, that if a celebrity gushes about a new car on his or her Twitter account and it turns out that the car was given away for free, the celebrity could be fined by the FTC.

Also, I saw this tweet from Boise Diva:

debbienews: If only I received any freebies at! I'd be a good girl and report them: (reg described here)

So, please don't send me anything -- no cars, jewelry or money. I don't want to fill out any forms. I'm lazy, and it's too complicated.

[I wish the government didn't think I was so stupid that I'd run out and buy a car because Brad Pitt tweeted about it. Now, Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, hmm...]


  1. Would you give her a ride (ina the car, dude, the car) if she delivered?

    Hmm. These comments could get one in trouble.

  2. Uh oh...I *may* have accepted a car or two from readers along the way...

    But does a '78 Ford Pinto count, though? Really? Come on, leave me alone, people! Get your own Pinto.

  3. The Federal Trade Commission should stay off the Internet, period, because it's not their jurisdiction. Bloggers are international and having a national trade commission poking their nose in is ridiculous. So U.S. bloggers get fined, but not Finnish ones? See how idiotic this can get?
    I ordered a buxom blonde over the Internet, but a petite Asian hooker arrived... do I call the Federal Trade Commission?

  4. Very funny! I guess some bureaucrat didn't have enough to do one day!

    Darn! I've got all those things to gift my readers, including, I think, a sure-fire way to win every time at poker...

  5. Oops, I made a mistook. My surefire poker winning thingy only works some of the time. It misfires occasionally!

  6. @TM: not going there.

    @jusdealem: Pinto, lol :)

    @Wolynski: yeah, makes no sense.

    @Jacob: Psst, send the poker system, but let's keep it a secret.