Saturday, October 10, 2009

I looked in my mailbox, and . . .

A few days ago I got this from Harrah's:

They were announcing that the Horseshoe Casino (owned by Harrah's) is holding a 12-day (the flyer says 11 days, but their marketing people apparently can't count) tournament (click here or click here). I played in this last year. It's a nice little tournament, but I hadn't given much thought to playing this time.

But as I looked again, this caught my eye:
The top five finalists in each event will
compete in a Free Roll Tournament for a
$10,000 seat at the 2010 World Series of
Poker Main Event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It's a dream of any serious poker player to play in the Main Event, but that $10K entry fee is a deal breaker for most of us. I may just have to go play. Stay tuned.


  1. That's a neat option - cashing out or going all in.

  2. Good jokes! Rabbis often know the best jokes.

    90 years old?

    I won't ask him how he's doing.

  3. i always enjoy my visits to your site. you have a nice mix of interesting things to see or read. I am glad you are enjoying the photos of the slot canyon, plants, and Cliffs on my site. Thanks for your comments! I am learning a lot and trying to become a better photographer.

  4. Go for it! The ME would certainly count as a fine excuse for going to Vegas :D


  5. Oh, I may have to play in this, too! It's worth a shot. can still read your address clearly..might want to fix that. No telling who might show up at your door!

  6. Ohhhhhhh . . . GL if you decide to play :-)

  7. just as an aside....

    BLACK OUT YOUR ADDRESS IN PHOTOSHOP! (or some other paint program - I can totally read it through your magic marker. Expect roses tomorrow.