Friday, October 16, 2009

Parks are for recreation

Jusdealem said that this is volleyball meets soccer meets something else. They used their feet and a small hard ball. Does anyone know what this game is?

She gave the football a big kick (above).

They are playing cards. I wonder, is it bridge?

Photos by MOJO. First,second and fourth shots taken at Harbor Town park. The third one was taken at Tom Lee Park - all with my Canon.


  1. That first shot - have no clue. I thought it was some kind of new dance know, "Dance around the volleyball net."

    Gotta be agile!

    More fun photos, Mojo!

  2. That card game looks like "Better me than him."

    My neighbor invented the game - although I've been told its widely played.

  3. I googled LOL Yes, it's hacky sack volleyball. You have to be really coordinated to play it!

  4. Very nice, but what happened to the bottom photo?

    It's good to see we still have parks somewhere that are safe.

  5. The game is called hacky sack and here's how it's done.

    Oh! I was watching that video and typing, and it turns out that the guy in the white trunks is actually playing on the main shopping street ind central Copenhagen. Interesting.