Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday afternoon fun

I intended to leave around 5:30 to go take Halloween photos. I jumped in this little MTT at 3 p.m., figuring I'd be out by then. Good news/bad news, I didn't leave in time, but won a small payout.

At the final table, I raised with K-K, got called by the big stack, and the big blind. The flop came 10-9-8 (as you see below). I bet half the pot (7,777) and got a big raise behind me and had to give up the hand.

When we were three-handed, the short stack moved all in with K-4. I was 66.24% to win. This would have knocked him out and left me heads up with a big enough stack to have a chance. I'm not whining -- I had good luck earlier (was all in twice and survived, had good cards, plus I bluffed a bunch of times and was never called).


  1. Again you beat out over 200 players! I can't even do that against the PAO bots. Nice going.

  2. You do so well in these mtts on UB! I think you should step up your buyin amount, Mojo. I think it's def worth a shot.

  3. you are amazing with the skill. happy halloween