Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some more "whatever"

Images by MOJO and taken last Friday with my P&S. (I pumped up the color on the first two. The last image was supposed to show the grime -- what it really looks like if one looks past the flashy colors.)


  1. MM, Geo Caching. You need a GPS gadget thingy for it. There are several types of Geo Search activities.

    Find country cache's; city cache's and historic points in cities and country.

    Google Geo Caching. There are two sites that do National stuff and track the caches. Or simply stop by a large hunting/fishing store. They usually have material in the GPS Locators section that will give you an overview.

    Go from there.

    Good pictures. I had wondered at the ranges you were shooting from, and expected an exploded view of the colors.

    Still, good stuff.

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  2. The photos in the first whatever post were geo tagged (which is different than geo cache). I had to install Google Earth first, then I could tag them with the address so the reader can click on "something" to see a Google Earth map of 610 Highland Street, where the photos were taken.

    I must have left out a step (or done something wrong), because I don't see anything different.

    There seems to be a big learning curve on everything these days.

  3. Great colors. I like the graffiti look.