Friday, October 30, 2009

Stuff happens

I just saw this on Eric "Rizen" Lynch's web site:

I had my Full Tilt and Bodog accounts hacked and subsequently drained. That really sucked and kind of soured me on online poker for a bit . . . . it was one of those things I never really thought would ever happen to me.

I don't keep much money online because I play only small stakes ($5 tournaments, etc.), but it's pause for thought. Be careful folks -- it's a jungle out there.


  1. Thanks for that, MOJO. I just did tough new passwords for all 4 rooms where I play. (small amounts each!)

  2. He didn't say if his money got promptly returned by the poker site, which makes the article useless. What was the outcome? If they didn't replace the money, I would never play there again.

    Poker sites need to police themselves better.

    What about this guy Justin Bonomo (I think that's his name), a good poker player, who nevertheless cheated hundreds of players in online tournaments. He's a respected writer for a poker magazine now? How can this be?

  3. @Wolynski: it was his blog, and from how it read, he didn't get (nor expect) his money back.